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Hi everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it. Sorry for the week hiccup, but I've been so busy, but finally I have the icon update I promised everyone

+little note: I'm relieved to see that Itsuki Koizumi from "haruhi" is just as gay as I remember
+icon texture coming up tomorrow night, I got it made and everything.

Sailor Moon [1 - 3]
Full Metal Alchemist [4 - 6]
Final Fantasy IV, VII & XIII [7 - 13]
Xenosaga [14 - 16]
Food Porn [17 - 19]
Harry Potter [20 - 22]
Saiyuki [23 - 25]
Detroit Metal City [26 - 28]
Oh My Goddess [29 - 31]
Bleach [32 - 34]
Mai-Hime [35 - 37]
Haruhi [38 - 40]
Tales of Symphonia [41 - 43]
Umineko [44]
Alice in Wonderland [45]
Otomen [46]

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First off, a great deal of these icons came from an icon-meme I did on my journal, so I concentrated on alot of subjects that normally I wouldn't of touched. For that I thank all of my wonderful guinea pigs ♥ Secondly, I tried to concentrate a little bit more on text since I fail abysmally at it, and I actually don't hate the text bits. (I cannot stress enough how much I -hate- text).

Hopefully you guys can put these meager offerings to use!

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Hello everyone!

I'm going to try to keep my iconning rambling to a bare mininum, however I get rather talky at 5:30 in the morning.

1.) I edited my Affiliates Post to include a sample of affiliates work.

2.) I've been on a rampage with icons. I'm crossing my fingers that this lasts, but I have a few icons played for Tales of the Abyss in the near future, you know; plump that section a little bit. There are a few sections that are rather bare, I know.. but I will work on that.

Alright, alright.. I can hear you say 'shut it, Jyuu'. So I will.

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